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How Does Coaching Work?

Coaching works best with regularly scheduled appointments. Continuity is necessary to maintain focus and achieve goals. Sessions can be held face to face in Dr. Katz’s office, but more often, they take place over the telephone so that you can take advantage of coaching from anywhere! Coaching sessions are usually held once a week, with three or four sessions scheduled per month.

Stepmother Coaching can help you in the following ways:

  Educate you about the myths and realities of stepfamily life
  Improve communication with your partner and stepfamily members
  Learn how to deal with tricky stepfamily issues
  Learn how to create boundaries
  Learn to provide and receive respect and compassions
  Learn how to disengage, when necessary
  Encourage you to make positive changes in your life
  Achieve balance and emotional well-being
  Regain your energy
  Rebuild confidence and self-esteem